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4-18-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: There are 2 kinds of people I respect
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

4-11-2010 Mass - 11am and 9pm services

Title: Did Thomas Doubt or Fear?
Speaker: Deacon Phil Hengen
Title: Oh Baby You, You Got What You Need!
Speaker: Father Jeff Vomund

2010 Easter Vigil - Eater Vigil

Title: Are you happy?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

Good Friday - Good Friday Service

Title: We avoid this day
Speaker: Father Gary Hogen

Holy Thursday - Holy Thursday Service

Title: Holy Thursday Homily

Palm Sunday 2010 - 11am Service

Title: A non-violent protest march
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-21-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Is there anyone here to condemn you?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-14-2010 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Rejoice Sunday
Speaker: Deacon Eric Wagner

3-7-2010 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Sometimes we are tempted to judge others

2-28-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Personal Reflection on Prayer
Speaker: Father Gary Braun
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