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Christmas Eve 2010 Mass - Christmas Eve Service

Title: How are you with compliments?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

12-19-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: What would you imagine would be the best and worst thing about being pregnant?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

12-12-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Where is your hope?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

12-06-2010 Prayer Service - Advent Prayer Service

Speaker: Father Carl Wisdom

12-05-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: What do the TSA and Advent have in common?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

11-28-2010 Mass - 11am Service

Title: How are you preparing for the advent season?
Speaker: Father Tim

11-21-2010 Mass - 11am Service

Title: What does it mean to say God is All Powerful?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

11-14-2010 Mass - 11am Service

Title: A Reflection on Stewardship
Speaker: Sister Linda Straub

11-7-2010 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Do you believe in Heaven?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

Theological Retreat - Theological Retreat

Title: Theological Retreat
Speaker: Jeremy Wilkins
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