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11-20-2011 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Why do you do good?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

11-13-2011 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Trusting and taking chances
Speaker: Father Gary Hogen

11-6-2011 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: How are you doing on time? Do you still have time?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

10-30-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: During the 6th game of the World Series, did you turn the TV off and go to bed before it was over?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

10-23-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Do you love yourself?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

10-16-2011 9pm Mass - 11am Service

Title: Let us be good Catholics and Christians
Speaker: Father Gary Hogan

10-16-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: What is the extent to which we imagine God's call reaching our lives?
Speaker: Father Eric Wagner

10-9-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: What is the one thing required of us?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

10-2-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Have you ever been to the City Museum?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

9-25-2011 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Do you have an attitude?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun
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