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3-30-2013 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Easter Vigil Genesis Reading

3-30-2013 Mass - 7pm Service

Title: Easter Vigil Baptisms
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-30-2013 Mass - 7pm Service

Title: Easter Vigil Homily
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-29-2013 Mass - 7pm Service

Title: Good Friday Homily
Speaker: Deacon Phil Hengen

3-28-2013 Mass - 7pm Service

Title: Holy Thursday Homily
Speaker: Father David Meconi

3-24-2013 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Imagine the retelling of the Palm Sunday passion of those who expected a military and political Massiah
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-17-2013 Mass - 11am Service

Title: Do you think Hiter and Stalen are in hell?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

3-10-2013 Mass - 1am Service

Title: We are Ambassadors of Christ
Speaker: Father Shawn Martin

3-3-2013 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: As you move through life, are you becomming uglier or more beautiful?
Speaker: Father Gary Braun

2-24-2013 Mass - 9pm Service

Title: Lent is to show us where we are going.
Speaker: Father Tim
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